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Do you ever think about your shoelaces? No? Most people don’t, it’s ok! But I do all the time! I used to play with different laces in my Vans and Dr. Martins all the time as a kid! id Go to hot topic and get new ones all the time and lace them in different patterns every day.

Fast forward a few years.... now I wear dress shoes more than anything, and laces are still on my mind! I have different colors and patterns. I’ve played with different no-fray tips and lacing styles in all my shoes. I’ve discovered I LOVE a good classic cotton lace with a plastic tip!

I know you’re thinking plastic tips really? Yes! I tried the metal and I can’t stand the noise they make! I just want a solid color that ties in with my outfit and plastic tips so I’m not annoying myself when I walk around. They aren’t supposed to be the cent piece of your outfit, just the lacing! 😂 yes pun intended!

So why am I going on about laces for your shoes? Because I did the hard work for you! I found good affordable cotton laces in a variety of colors and made them available to you on

go check out my reveal video to see them up close and virtu! Our channel on YouTube is Woodford & Jackson

Thanks Guys!!!

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