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The Creative Director

Colin Woodford Jackson

I practically grew up at the Detroit Institute of Art. At a young age I developed a love for art and creating jewelry. As I matured like a fine whiskey in the mountains of Tennessee I developed  a love for bespoke fashion and accessories. Today I live in Manhattan and am trying to incorporate my love for fine art and fashion to develop a collaborative brand that pulls from my past and brings me to the future of art and fashion.


The Brand

Woodford & Jackson infuses the modern luxury world with the classic flair of southern style. Designs are all by Colin Woodford Jackson or are a collaborative effort with artists from the Woodford & Jackson Galleries.

The Galleries

With a passion and heavy influence from the fine art world, Colin felt it only made sense the brand feature the works of some of his favorite rising artists! The Woodford & Jackson Galleries feature International  Virtual Exhibitions and Pop-Up Shows in the NYC area where original works and prints may be purchased to support living artists!

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