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The Von Gala

RJ Izquierdo

Woodford & Jackson Galleries is proud to present The Von Gala by RJ Izquierdo. It is a virtual reality art show that features collages of up-cycled cigarillo wrappers to create mosaics of pop culture icons and detailed environments. This fantastic show features RJ's full length feature film "Day Trip" as well. Please see the below statement from the artist:

I want to inspire and expel the thoughts that stop others from creating. I want to redefine what it means to be an artist in todays society. Through my collages and short film I attempt to blend the lines between art and real life. The challenges such as finances, lack of equipment and a pandemic undoubtedly made this project what it is. All though these challenges may not always be welcome, they make the art the art. "I can’t afford paint like that, I can’t afford canvas like that, but we can afford weed like that."

- RJ

Day Trip

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